Do you share transport?
No, we never group passengers together. All our transport is exclusively yours for your journey.

Can we just travel one way?

Do you only cover airport transfers?
No, we can transport you to any destination within the UK for any occasion. Please contact our office (0151 4952552) for a price.

Can we eat and drink in the vehicle?
No. Under no circumstances can you eat or drink in any of our vehicles. Within the terms of our Operators Licence it is illegal for alcohol to be consumed in any of our vehicles.
We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our fleet and maintain high standards at all times.

How do I know your driver will show up to collect us?
We have been established for over 30 years and pride ourselves on our reputation for being second to none for reliability and professionalism.

All of our vehicles are tracked and constantly monitored by our 24 hour manned office, so if you do have any concerns or just wish to know your driver is on his way, then please contact our office and our controller can pinpoint your driver accurately.

Pick-up & Collection

How do we find the driver on our return?
Depending at which terminal you land, and indeed which Airport, there are a variety of procedures.

Manchester Terminal 1 – once you’ve collected your luggage and come out into the arrivals hall your driver will be stood, holding a board displaying your name, in front of WH Smith’s, which is immediately to your left.

Manchester Terminal 2 – once you’ve collected your luggage and come out into the arrivals hall your driver will be stood, holding a board displaying your name, in front of the Spar shop, which is immediately to your left.

Manchester Terminal 3 – once you’ve collected your luggage and come out into the arrivals hall your driver will be stood directly opposite you in front of The Bureau De Change, holding a board displaying your name.

Liverpool Airport – once you’ve cleared customs and you’ve collected your luggage please ring our arrivals number (0151 424 1888) and we will send our driver round to collect you from the car park directly opposite the Yellow Submarine. Please note our driver will be parked at the airport waiting for your arrival but is not allowed to enter the terminal building and leave an unattended vehicle.

Who do we contact if we can’t see the driver?

Our arrivals line (0151 4241888) is manned 24 hours a day 365 days of the year so there is always someone at the other end of the phone only too willing to help.

Our booking line (0151 4952552) is open 07:00 – 19:00 Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday.

Supply of Baby Seats

Do you supply baby seats?

No, we aren’t able to do so as we can’t guarantee that we’d be able to supply a baby seat that meets the guidelines for the height and weight of the child concerned.

We have adopted a system whereby you supply the baby/booster seat[s], labelled clearly with your booking name, reference number and return date, when you are collected.

The baby/booster seat[s] are then used on your outward journey after which they are stored in our office until your return, when we bring them to the airport ready for your onward journey.

Please note that all carriers are governed strictly by VOSA and therefore must adhere to the law. This means any child of age 12 and under or any child under 4’4″ [1.32m] must have the appropriate child seat in order to travel safely and within the law.

Booking, Confirmation & Accounts

How do we pay?
Payment for Manchester and Liverpool Airport transfers are half to the driver on the outward journey and half to the driver who brings you home.

Nights out, one way or long distance journeys must be paid in full either prior to, or at the commencement of your journey.

Clients wishing to use our services for inbound journeys only, are required to pay in advance of their journey, either by credit debit card or in person before travelling.

You can of course pay for any journey in full prior to travel, again either by credit or debit card over the phone or in person in our office. There is no extra charge for this service.

Why do I need to confirm?
We give all our clients a reference number for their booking and ask that two to three days before travel you ring (0151 4952552) to confirm your details. This is to make sure we catch any alterations that may have been made since your original booking.

Simply quote your reference number to our staff and they will read all your details back to you thus confirming we have them down correctly.

Do you undertake accounts?
Yes, we have a large number of account clients who have remained with us for a number of years. If you wish to open an account please refer to our account enquiry page or contact us direct.